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cause catastrophic destruction, hurricane sandy picking up steam, moving toward the biggest cities on the east coast. >> a ripple effect for travelers in the bay area. we'll tell you about how many flights are cancelled leaving sfo into the east coast this morning. >>> good morning to you, welcome to a brand new day, monday october 29th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. steve called it a bomb of a weather system. >> this will be historic. >> okay. >> i mean, it is amazing how big this system is back there. it could get stronger, it is getting stronger. this will have a big impact maybe all the way to the election. what happens if people don't have power? this may be felt well into next week and beyond. >> we have a very, very thick fog pattern, a dense fog advisory is out. we'll have more on the giants' victory parade and halloween. >> traffic is now very feeling and this is the east shore picture we normally can see. you can see a couple cars through here because of the fog. this morning we're looking at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is light
to clean up this morning. tara moriarty is live at city hall in oakland. one of the many buildings protestors vandalized last night. >> reporter: yes some of the windows that protestors smashed have been bordered up at this time. but there is still a hole here in the front door of city hall that remains exactly as it was last night. demonstrators threw paint balls and smashed windows at city hall. the national berkeley lab office and three banks. the group of about 200 people gathered at frank ogawa plaza last night. they timed the rally to coincide with the 11th anniversary of the start of the war in afghanistan. around 7:15 the group headed north on west grand avenue. circled back to city hall and that is when the violence broke out. some luxury cars were also vandalized. >> just because we have a nice car, i don't know. we worked hard for our money. >> we live in oakland and to see our hometown come to shambles like this. >> reporter: the march only lasted 40 minutes and that did not give police enough time to call in mutual aid or make enough arrests. there is a security presen
into the city. interstate 808 in oakland looks good here driving passed the coliseum, no major problems and it looks good all the way from livermore into the area of oakland and beyond that. this is a look at the east shore freeway and that traffic is moving along nicely. it still looks good getting into the city, let's go to steve. >>> there is already some drizzle and let's carry that into the 11:00 hour. the rain holds off and cloudy skies, mild, our system looks good because it is good. it is just moving very slowly and slows down the onset of the rain. i think it is about an inch and a half by thursday morning and southeast, that is a very mild pattern which is why the lows are so mild. the rain is still a ways away and we are waiting for it to move into the north coast. ukiah tells us we are still hours away. we'll see increasing clouds and we should see a break into that cloud depth. some low 70s out to the east and to the south and to the north, it will be cloudy and getting close. by this evening, it will be getting into the north bay and then we clear it out and it looks good
moriarty is in the city with more on why you should expect big delays. >> reporter: we are here near pier 29 where come this weekend one northbound lane will be shut down from the ferry building all the way to bay street. that will allow emergency vehicles access in through the crowds. if you pan to the left, you can see we're in front of the official america's cup store. the cup is expected to draw 40,000 people this weekend to watch the races. and there are many more events planned. this will give city officials are a little bit of an idea of what to expect for the big america's cup next year where more than three million people are expected to attend. over the skies of san francisco this weekend, you will see the beloved blue angels. the u.s. navy pilots have been making practice runs for the big show set for saturday and sunday. it's part of fleet week and the parade of ships is tomorrow. here's a look at the other events going on. the giants will take on the reds in the national league playoffs saturday and sunday. the hardly strictly bluegrass festival will take place in golden gate
we just got up close. >>> a late night city hall shocker how san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi kept his job. >>> we are live at the home of a stanford professor who woke up this morning to find out he won the nobel prize. we'll tell you what he won it for. >>> mother nature putting on a little show here this morning. there are no clouds or showers. there is lightning. we'll talk about that and the forecast here today. >>> good morning. thank you for joining us on this wednesday morning october 10th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm mike mibach. dave clark has the day off. pam always great to see you. steve paulson always a pleasure. >> thank you. good to see every. we have a little bit of lightning going on in the san mateo coast. coming around an area of low pressure right there. also coming off from the sierra nevada into lake county as well. partly cloudies today. occasionally showers. we'll talk about that coming up. >> right now san mateo bridge traffic looks good getting out to the high-rise no major problems. steve mentioned there will be a little bit of showers in some of the co
to east coast cities to other destinations. we spoke with one couple honeymooning and they were coming back from hawaii but finally had to travel through 4 u.s. cities to get there. >> chicago then london... >> instead of coming from? >> would were going to some from london. >> most of the flights were canceled yesterday and they are also canceled today but not all of them are canceled. it is very important to check with your airline ahead of time. and again, everything is up in the air and you have to check before you come here. ktvu channel 2 morning news allie rasmus. >>> both for the department and for south bay schools, the state denied their plan to split up millions of dollars. alex savage has more on this legal battle. >> reporter: on the one side 49ers and on the other side south bay schools. both sides reached a deal to split up that money and now the state has rejected that deal. they are disappointed in the decision but it will not affect the impact which is still said to open for the twinty one season. they stand to gain five points over the next three years. and local off
and when you get sea breeze gusting up to 30 miles per hour, you will go 33 and the city did hit 34 and that was a very challenging forecast. we will go 79 today and san jose is 89 to 76 today. it will be a good 15 to 20- degree drop. reason being, it was shallow, solid fog bank, it is making a big push inland. 57 to 60 degrees and that's coast and bay. west turbo charge, that is what we look for and it was flat, nothing. we picked up the system with high pressure way up here and that is going to stay here probably all over us and too much fog and it will bring temperatures down. it is cooler even out of those 100s a couple of 80s, 76 walnut creek, low 80s brentwood, livermore 71 degrees. 76 san jose, 76 los gatos, 50s 60s and 70s coast and bay, we'll see the fog get chewed up and it looks like partly cool conditions. >>> dna tests have come in on a gruesome discovery on the peninsular and how it may help the discovery of a missing man. >>> first a 13-year-old was beaten unconscious while others watched, the reason why his family said the school district is to blame. >>> we will tel
and mitt romney will both appear in new york city tonight. the two candidates are supposed to be light hearted in their remarks and they will weigh in on each other's debate performance. >>> the 90-year-old former u.s. senate tore two days ago. the center says he suffered from two ill necessaries. he lost to president richard nixon and served as ambassador hunger. >>> a woman in hercules was found dead inside her home. two people were arrested last week in seattle, they were suspects and had stolen a car from the victim's home. the church memorial starts at 6:00 p.m. >>> that fire in richmond will attain. -- with will retain. they will also coming up with ways to improve the system. it is geared towards learning anything long-term other many many releases. more than 9 million people around the state are expected to participate in this morning's drill. >> all right, that is a big deal. time now 5:07, are you ready to shake things up in the commute? >> no, i am not. >> yes, i am. i am ready for anything, and we are hoping dave and pam we have a better commute. we are doing well around th
a gun at the police officers. >>> it may actually have been an assassination on americans in mexico city. they fired on an american embassy suv. there is evidence that a drug cartel infiltrated the police and master minded the ambush. two cia agents were wounded in the attack. the u.s. is mapping out a plan to take out the people responsible for the attack on the consulate. the u.s. is currently gathering intelligence and compiling suspects. options could include drone attacks and joint missions with libyan forces however the obama administration is not expected to approve a strike before the november election. >>> the first of three presidential debates will be held tonight in denver. they are bringing up controversial video of president barack obama from five years ago. the details about that 5:14 when we take you back here live to washington d.c. >>> we know they are already in the playoffs the oakland a's and he is already at the coliseum, good morning alex. >>> now the as are going into a one game showdown for the showdown. if they can win they will be division champs and you can be
was looking at the webcam as, they have three webcam as and it is fog city -- webcams, and it looks like fog city all the way down. high pressure is pulling in slowly monday tuesday and more so on wednesday thursday. the city -- system is wiping out the fog, fso was 10 and now it is calm. a lot of moisture is in the area, that is not the case now. the dew point a lot of moisture in the air and these higher clouds will thin out and it will be mostly sunny this be a rather warm with week. they it looks good to go. and it will give us more of a westerly breeze and it will be a nice weekend but it will also be cooler. let's go back to the desk. >>> they will offer $20 billion for sprint nextel and it will be the highest price any japanese company would deal with a take over. >>> and stocks have been in negative territory when they announced it was made official. general pan's nikkei closed up a half of a percent and the european stocks opened with gains. it was the worst week in four months on wall street and these are the numbers on 5 and somebody are rebounding tie. >>> it is a very important
on ben -- in benghazi libya. the memorial begins at 4:30 in the city hall rotunda. >>> the pentagon and state department want to help libya create a force to attack the militia in benghazi. the money was budgeted for pakistan and in order to build anee light force -- an elite force they could have over 200 troops. >>> they are shocked by the department's lack of progress. the police department took a step back falling out of come by answer with being able to track officers engaging in bad behavior. it is a last report before a judge hears more and decides to place the department under federal control. >>> they are deciding whether to host the super bowl in 2016 or 2017. they are taking the list and if selected san francisco will be the host city but the game will be played at the 49ers stadium. stanford announced it in 1955. >>> it may still happen later this month. the commission will vote onsetting aside $15 million to introduce new riders to public transit. the transportation agency could get almost $7 million of that money and with the funds available for the youth program it co
and there are no major problems getting up to the tunnel. also the morning commute looks good getting into the city. if you are driving this morning in san jose, they are closing up some road work in fact it is gone, northbound 280 traffic does look good. skies are clears. >>> and especially with some of the higher elevations, we don't have to deal with fog, 80s and warm to hot this afternoon, 70 to 92 degrees and we have a fire weather warning out where the wind has been picking up. eastern sol land county, you can see stockton and that's when we are getting gusts. let's have a baseball game today. they are dealing with a lost cloud cover. it looks like most of it is tracking but the forecast is partly sunny skies to mostly cloudy skies and a possibility of some showers. let's see if things continue to track but it will be close. we have clear skies and temperatures will be on their way up fast. it is warm for some already with that north wind and today should be almost as warm but we are starting to take that top off a big cooling trend and yes the possibility of rain monday and tuesday. you see
professional football back to the city of los angeles. >>> google possibly choosing sides in the presidential election. the controversial phrase that pops up pictures of mitt romney when searched. >>> good morning. traffic on the san mateo bridge looks good heading out to the high-rise. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather. ♪ ♪ introducing a stunning work of technology. ♪ introducing the entirely new lexus es. and the first ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. >>> welcome to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. new this morning we are getting a look at the weapons seized from a man passing through lax. he was arrested last week during a stop over in los angeles. now screeners found a suitcase containing weapons, a smoke grenade, knives, body bags, a hatchet, a bio hazard suit, and a device to repel dogs. he was caught wearing a bullet proof vest under his trench coat. his motives remain unclear since he has not cooperated with investigators. during a detention hearing they will determine if harris is a flight risk and should return to custody. >>>
. the bridge which spans about seven miles from foster city to hayward and carries up to 92,000 cars each day is supposed to reopen at 5:00 monday. during the closure we recommend that drivers use the dumbarton bridge, 237 to bypass the bay entirely, or head north to the bay bridge. live in hayward i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. >>> time now 5:06. we go from that to sal who has the latest on our commute so far. >> all right. that is right. we are looking pretty good, dave and pam. right now traffic is moving along very nicely if you are driving across the bridges or if you're on the east shore freeway for example this traffic looks pretty good heading out to the mccarthur maze with no major problems. also the morning commute is looking nice here at the bay bridge toll plaza trying to get into san francisco as you just heard tara say the san mateo bridge will be closed. the bay bridge will be a little busier as people will have to get across the bay any way and they will use that bridge and the dumbarton. also the morning commute looks good on northbound 280 as you get up to highway 17
permit. serving alcohol outside of permit hours. the city also says since 2009, the police have responded to 30 fights and made dozens of arrests for public intoxication. now tomorrow night the walnut creek planning commission will review the permit. >>> new this morning we're hearing the mannoses protected of being involve -- man suspected of being involved in the deadly attack on the consulate is in custody. according to the daily beast he posted reports on social media shortly after the attack on the consulate began. u.s. intelligence started tracking him after he left libya for turkey. he was detained in turkey and then he was sent to de inertia where he is awaiting trial. >>> a new poll shows the latest presidential debate did not effect voters opinions of the candidates. they found 47% of those surveyed show president obama as the winner of the debate. while 31% believe mitt romney won. the president's favorability rating only increased by 1.257%. >>> president obama and mitt romney are now on a campaign blitz with less than two weeks left of the election day. coming up at 5:15 the
to take back the plaza tonight. the city is hoping to avoid a repeat of last year when violent clashes erupted. oakland mayor jean quan said the city changed how it handle demonstrations. demonstrators will immediate outside of city hall 3:00 this afternoon. >> the event these small individuals show up, we ask that people step forward, let the police department know who he's people are, where this activity is occurring. >> police say you can anonymously send tips to them by text messages. extra police will be on hand and police say they are coordinating with the sheriffs department. >>> meantime today is the deadline for oakland to rule on complaints about officer conduct during last year's street clash. among those injured iraq war veteran olsen. stay law require that's a -- state law requires that a ruling be made within a year. >>> two new polls showing the presidential race is a dead heat however president obama is leading in an important swing state. washington post found president obama and mitt romney almost tied along likely voters. 49% supporting romney, 48% supporting preside
towards us. 50 to 61 and the 50 in santa rosa, napa 62, 57 in the city, west 7, everybody else is calm and there is not much of a breeze. we would have record highs but that's not the case. we will continue to get warm to hot conditions and it mainly stays in the 70s and tomorrow the coast will cool down by wednesday even inland it starts to cool down on the temperatures. half-moon bay, somebody picked up passive can. 70s, near 100 degrees inland, it will be cooler by the coast and here comes the cooler weather on wednesday and i tell you it is a big drop as we go into the weekend. >> playoff fever here in the bay area, giants have clenched, it is one win away from the postseason. >> i saw the table shaking... i just looked at my mom. >> earthquakes are now rattling in a part of the country that does not get them. >>> nice traffic coming to the willow pass grade, another update is straight ahead. qq7r . >>> well they had a magnitude 1.4 earthquake centered in a suburb of dallas. pictures were knocked off walls but no major damage has been reported. >> the couch actually shook side to s
and we will show you the traffic coming into the city moving along well. northbound 280 getting up to highway 17, that traffic is very nice so if you want to get on the road before things get really crowded now is the time to do that. >> tough dab tough call. >> my vote is for bob. >> maybe inland temperatures maybe it will not matter. 70s to 90s although if you didn't hear it, 100 degrees in santa cruz yesterday. all records were set on this date and we only had one record yesterday and that was 90 degrees. san rafael 106 not a chance, livermore 106, san jose, maybe. we are forecasting 106 san jose. 65 in san francisco which is the warmest temperatures hayward and low 60s sitting at 63. so far nothing at fso. we have a little system ushering in a westerly breeze. we have a mild morning for most, 80s 90s to near 100 degrees. if you are sitting at 65 it doesn't take much to warm up. it will still be warm to hot. wednesday, friday looks like a significant cool down which will take us into the weekend. >>> time right now, a string of male theft, the information about what will be take
:00. saturday, sunday, monday they head to detroit and then if a series goes that long, back in the city for halloween night which falls on a wednesday and then again on the thursday so i think all the parents and kids should make a packet and start -- pact and start the trick-or- treating early this year so no one misses the world series. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> check out how the fans at the dugout store at at&t park reacted to the final out of the game. [ cheering and applause ] >> watch the elbows. after they were done jumping up and down and screaming, they began buying and bought all the official national league championship t-shirts and hats. the first fans to snatch them up told us what it means to them. >> i drove down from elk grove in sacramento to see my giants play. >> we going back. we back man. we did it in 2010, we are 2012 now. we are back, baby. >> some fans also picked up special editions of the san francisco chronicles with the headlines reading giants win the pennant. you can see the entire world series right here with us, ktvu channel 2 beginning with
has lost power as well. same thing for daly city. richmond 343 customers don't have power. pg&e crews are working on it. >>> a rude awakening just hours ago for san lorenzo. a car crash. authorities say the driver was speeding as he drove over railroad tracks and then lost control. the car flew through the air, crashed into a parked mini van, and also damaged another car. the driver of the car was arrested. a passenger had to be treated for minor injuries. >>> in election news this morning, president obama and mitt romney meet in florida for their third and final debate. tonight. tonight's debate focuses on foreign policy. coming up the latest poll numbers in the presidential race just 15 days away from the election. if you plan to vote in the upcoming election, you need no be registered by tonight. janine de la vega is live at the registrars office in san jose with more on why they are making a big push for south bay residents to come out and sign up. >> reporter: the registrars office here in san jose is going to open up in the next three hours. that is when they will begin their bi
with three other south bay cities to catch this bank robber. here is a photo caught from surveillance video of the suspect from the most recent bank robbery in sunnyvale. he is a white man in his 30s around 5'10" tall with a stalky build and has a go tee. over the last two months he has robbed six banks in four jurisdictions. according to the campbell batch bank of the west, u.s. bank, wells fargo, and bank of america have all been hit. if you recognize this man that you are looking at in this surveillance photos, campbell police want you to give them a call. reporting live janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. >>> a man is being arraigned today on charges he beat an elderly san francisco woman for no reason. 52-year-old james bartly allegedly assaulted a 94-year- old woman in china town yesterday. bartly is charged with three felonies. the victim still in intensive care in the hospital. >>> law enforcement teams from all over the world will be arriving in alameda county this morning. they are taking part in antiterrorism drills. now it seems like this one from last years event they will b
will not blow whistles while passing through. it is up to the city to apply for a quiet zone designation. they say they should consider the safety risks of doing that. >> it is quiet out there isn't it? >> it is pretty quiet. so far let's look at the southbound continuing get up to highway 17. also the morning drive, that traffic looks good and it is getting busy in the livermore valley and we are seeing more cars on the morning commute. >>> right after the coast, it is close so if you are by the coast it system looks like it is heading sought but 60s and 70s coming up. >>> as they try to survive in the playoffs, the team is rejecting the idea of opening thousands more seats. >>> the wellbeing of children in california and a new study to determine that kids are getting what they need for a healthy life. >>> he is going to bring the hammer down on sesame street. >> the criticisms directed at mitt romney during his san francisco appearances. ♪ i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! my bowl, my spoons! mom, are those my jeans? [ female announcer ] people who cho
to the bay bridge toll plaza. no problems getting on to the bridge and into the city. >>> if you are driving on the peninsular 280 still looks nice and fremont traffic is off to a good start as you look to the south bay, it's nice and wide open for you. >>> well, yesterday we had san mateo coasts, things calmed down and it was sunny and warm and here came those clouds, 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon right off the sierra, we talked about how they can come from the south or east to west and we found reports of hail and some rain. most of it has moved out to the pacific but it may give us a cloud or two and an isolated shower and there is an extension sufficient fog bank when you get into the highs you can see the lows. occasionally one of these could sneak in. 50s on the temperatures, i didn't know where they will go. we could keep that on shore westerly breeze coming. isolated shower or two, i don't think we will get any kind of a performance with mother nature and 50s and 60s and very low 70s. not much change friday and the coast stays about the same. inland temperatures could get very warm
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23